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Changing Shape

  This is a story about Molly the monarch butterfly.  Molly begins as an egg lain by her mother.  She looks like a tiny little bead attached to the underside of a leaf.

  As days go by the egg hatches and Molly is a caterpillar.  She crawls up and down the stems of plants, eating fresh greens.  She grows fatter and longer.  Then one day she attaches herself to a twig of a tree.  She makes a tough, shiny covering, called a cocoon.  Molly wraps herself inside of the cocoon.  She appears to be sleeping, but she is not.  Inside she is still growing and big changes are happening to Molly.

  When the cocoon opens, Molly appears as a butterfly.  She is no longer a cocoon.  She is very weak, damp, and crumpled.  Slowly she spreads her wings.  Her wings begin to dry and she soon flutters away.  Molly is a monarch butterfly!


Answer the questions below.


 Molly begins life as an lain by her mother.


She is attached to the underside of a .


The egg hatches and Molly becomes a .


Molly makes a tough, shiny covering called a .


Molly is not while inside of the cocoon.


When the cocoon opens Molly appears as a .


She is very , damp, and crumpled.

When Molly's wings , she flutters away.
After changing shape many times, Molly is now a monarch .



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