4-2-1 Vocabulary

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Vocabulary 4-2-1

inhabitants - people or animals that live in a place
longhouses - permanent log-covered buildings used by certain North American Indians
maize - corn
thatch - straw, rushes, palm leaves, etc., used as a roof or covering
weir - a woven fence used by certain North American Indians to trap fish
wigwam - hut made of bark, mats, or skins lain over dome-shaped poles, used by certain North American Indians



The young boys caught fish in the .
Squash, beans, and were important crops to the Indians. 
The roof of the hut was made of , not shingles.
The first of our country were the Indians.
The log-covered were warm and dry. 
The baby was born in the dome-shaped hut called a .



Another name for maize is:

acorn, squash, or corn

A thatch roof is made of:

straw, wood, or bark

The inhabitants of a barn could be:

cows, fish, or camels


A wigwam is held up by which of the following?

bricks, poles, or pipes

Longhouses were homes used by whom?

Indians, Frenchmen, or Africans


The young Indian boy used a weir to catch:

buffalo, fish, or both



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