610 Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry (4-5)

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1.  Why does Stacey feel some resentment toward Mr. Morrison?

He wants his dad to stay at home instead.

He eats all of the food.

He believes he can do the work and protect the family.

2.  What does T.J. steal when he goes inside the Logan's house to get his cap?

cheat notes for a test

a gun


3.  The children were engrossed in the fight between T. J. and Stacey?  Which of the following best describes the word "engrossed?"


taking all of one's attention

actively involved

4.  Mr. Morrison does not plan to tell Stacey's mother about going to the store and the fight.  What does Mr. Morrison expect Stacey to do?

He expects Stacey to keep the secret from his parents.

He expects Stacey to tell his father.

He expects Stacey to tell his mother.

5.  The children see Mr. Granger's Packard parked in the driveway.  What is a Packard?

a car

a horse drawn wagon

a school bus

6. What point was Mama trying to make in bringing the children to see Mr. Berry?

She wanted to see that the Wallaces had poured kerosene over him and set him on fire.

She wanted them to help him celebrate his birthday.

She wanted them to meet him because he was their uncle.

7.  Some people believed T. J. has an obnoxious personality.  Which of the following best describes an obnoxious personality.

A very pleasant personality.

A very unpleasant type of personality.

An unkind personality.

8.  Put the events from Chapter 5 in the order in which they occur.  Use 1-5.

Big Ma makes Cassie apologize to Lillian Jean.

Cassie gets angry with Mr. Barnett because he does not fill their order.

The Logans went to market day in Strawberry.

The children went to the Barnett Mercantile.

Cassie bumps into Lillian Jean Simms.



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