4-3-1 Vocabulary

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Vocabulary 4-3-1

preserved - keep safe; protect
paleontologist - an expert in the field of paleontology, the study of fossil animals and plants
sedimentary - rock made up of mud, sand, and decayed bits of plants and animals that settle to the bottom of oceans or lakes.
prehistoric - of or belonging to times before histories were written
impatient - not patient; uneasy and eager
presentation - an offering to be seen; showing; exhibition
surrounded - shut in on all sides; be around



Luke saw many different layers in the rock he found.
The teacher was sitting in a circle by her students.
The bone was perfect because it was in the stone.
The was a guest speaker at the library today.
Mom said I was very restless and .
The dinosaur is a animal.



Mom preserved the food by putting it in the refrigerator to protect it from:

spoiling, falling, or cooling

An impatient child is:

lazy, eager, or late

If Santa was surrounded by children, he was in the:

line, middle, or forest


Which of the following is prehistoric?

buffalo, brontosaurus, or bison

He wants to study paleontology so he can become a:

chemist, botanist, or paleontologist


The library had a presentation on authors and their books.  The books were on:

exhibition, sale, or review



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