603 The Indian in the Cupboard (9-12)

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1.  Little Bear began to advance on the prostrate cowboy.  Which of the following best defines the word prostrate?

riding on a horse

lying down full-length

aiming with bow and arrow

standing quietly

2.  What does Omri compare his room to?

Pike's Peak

a indoor desert

an indoor national park

a movie theater

3.  What did Omri threaten to do to Little Bear if he insisted on shooting arrows?

squeeze him

put him inside the cupboard

give him to his brother

turn him back into a plastic Indian

4.  The title of Chapter 10 is Breakfast Truce.  What is a truce?

the name of an Indian tribe

an Indian food

a book

a temporary agreement to stop a war or disagreement

5.  What kind of cook is Omri?

not very good


6.  Prejudice is defined as an opinion held in disregard of facts that contradict it.  What comment does Boone make that shows prejudice toward all Indians?

Injuns have red skin.

Injuns scalped the white men.

Injuns are unkind.

Injuns are ornery, savage and dirty.

7.  Which character did not like to wash?

Little Bear



8.  When Omri arrived at school he was filled with apprehension.  More apprehension than on spelling-test days?   Which of the following best defines the word apprehension?

to anticipate with anxiety

to understand completely

butterflies in his stomach

9.  A transaction occurred between Omri and Patrick at school.  What is a transaction?

a fight

the act of threatening each other

the act or process of carrying out or conducting (business or affairs)

an argument

11.  Omri and Patrick knew they would get in trouble for taunting or fighting.  What is taunting?

a scornful or jeering remark

singing a song


12.  What unusual request was made by Little Bear at the end of Chapter 11?

He wanted to scalp Omri.

He wanted to go to school with Patrick.

He wanted to be by Boone.

He wanted to live in a teepee.

13.  Little Bear and Boone were both gesticulating with their arms while inside Omri's pocket.  What is the definition of gesticulating?

making gestures, especially when speaking

swinging ropes

using sign language

14.  Omri groped in his picket and took out two little men.  What does grope mean?

dropped something 


reaching deep down

to reach about uncertainly

 15.  What is the headmaster of a school called in an American school?





16.  Patrick giggled when he and Omri were in the headmaster's office because

the headmaster said that Omri looked like someone had stuck a knife into him.

Little Bear was sitting on the headmaster's lap.

Little Bear and Boone were fighting on the headmaster's desk.

Omri was laughing at him.



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