4-14-1 Vocabulary

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Vocabulary 4-14-1

maximum - the largest or highest amount; greatest possible amount
foreigners - people from another country
distributes - give some of to each; divide
pulses - regular measured beats
technology - science of the mechanical and industrial arts
individually - one at a time



I received 100% on my test which was the score possible. 
The police officer talked to them rather than as a group.
My dad is studying in college.
The doctor listens to the of my heart.
There are many visiting Washington D.C.
The teacher the books to her students. 




Mom distributes three cookies to each of the children.  Distributes means:

gives, buys, or takes 

Technology is the science of mechanical arts and what other type of arts?

performing, visual, or industrial

A foreigner is from another:

city, state, or country


She received the maximum amount of money?  Therefore she received the:

most or least


If we entered the room individually, how many went in the room at a time?

two, three, or one


We could hear the pulses of the drums as the marching band came closer.

Therefore we heard the:  beat, sound, or sticks



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