5-17-1 Vocabulary

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Vocabulary 5-17-1

animated - to give life or motion to
figurines - a small sculptured or molded figure
tradition - the handing down of customs, beliefs, etc. from generation to generation
marionettes - jointed puppets or dolls moved by strings or wires
essential - absolutely necessary
puppeteer - an operator, designer, etc. of puppets



1. The artist was sculpting several small from clay. 
2. The cartoonist was creating an cartoon for television. 
3. The person who controls the puppet is called the
4. Water is for the human body to survive.
5. are a type of puppet which are actually dolls.  
6. Giving gifts at Christmas is a passed down from generation to generation.




7. Which of the following is a marionette?  

glove, doll, or shadow


8. If the teacher said it is essential, she means it is:

necessary, helpful, or unnecessary

9. A figurine is usually sculpted or:

baked, molded, or burned


10. Which of the following is considered to be tradition?

customs, costumes, or language


11. A puppeteer is considered which of the following?

director, operator, or agent


12. If something is animated it has:

motion, nothing, or windows



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