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Vocabulary 4-9-1

crust - thin outer layer of the earth
mantle - layer beneath the earth's crust which is mostly rock
core - center
geologist - an expert who studies the science of geology (the earth's crust, the layers of it and the history)
Fahrenheit - of, based on, or according to a scale for measuring temperature on which 32 degrees marks the freezing point of water and 212 marks the boiling point
nickel - a hard, silvery-white element found in rocks



Water boils at 212 degrees on a thermometer. 
The seeds are found at the of the apple.
One of the elements found in the rock was .
We do not live at the core of the earth, we live on the .
The gave a presentation on the earth and its history.
The is found beneath the earth's crust.




Water boils at what temperature on a Fahrenheit thermometer? 

32, 101, or 212

Which of the following does a geologist study?

stars, sun, or earth

Which of the following is a hard silvery-white element?

copper, gold, or nickel


Where is the core of a peach found?

outside, center, or middle


Mom cut the crust off the bread.  Where is the crust of the bread found?

middle, edge, or center


The mantle of the earth is found beneath the:

core, crust, or edge



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