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Madison, My Hometown

  Hello.  My name is Robin Meyer.  I have lived in Madison, Wisconsin, my whole life (11 years), and all of it has been great.  There are a lot of places to visit that are fun, but my favorite is the state capitol.

  The capitol is educational and fun at the same time.  Much of it has just been restored.  There is a lot of history in the building, which makes it a lot more interesting.  For instance, Old Abe, the bald eagle is poised high on a wall for all to see. There are beautiful paintings of the branches of our government.  The best views are looking up at the dome as you stand directly below it.

  Another great thing is that the capitol has tour guides and informational pamphlets to help you.  If you ask, the tour guides will take you into the House of Representatives and Senate rooms.  You are able to actually sit down in the chairs and view the room as if you were an actual senator or representative.  The walls and the staircases are made of stone from all over the world.  One is more beautiful than the other.  The kind and knowledgeable tour guides will explain the origin of the various types of stone.

  I hope you can come and visit the capitol in Madison someday.  If you can, make sure to make your reservation for a tour guide.  Then you can see everything I did.


Answer the questions below

According to this passage Robin Meyer has lived in the state of Wisconsin for

1 year.

11 years.

11 months.

Robin suggests the best views are seen while looking up at the .
Visitors to the capitol can see beautiful painting of the of our government.
Tour guides and are available to help you on your tour.
Much of the capitol has been recently .
Robin's favorite place to visit in the city of Madison is

the House of Representatives.

the capitol.

the dome.

The walls and staircases in the capitol are made of from all over the world.
Robin suggests that a tour of the state capitol is not only fun, but as well.
The tour guides are kind and and will share a lot of information with you.
Robin suggests if you plan to visit the capitol you should make a for a tour guide.



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