606 Who Really Killed Cock Robin? 3-4

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1.  What does Mayor Joe announce on the morning radio "Cock Robin Hour?"

he will resign

the eggs have hatched

Mrs. Robin has a new husband

2.  What is histochemistry?

The science that deals with the origin, history, characteristics, habits of plants and animals.

The science of what chemicals do to animal tissues such as muscle, bone and nerves.

The science that deals with animals and animal life.

3.  Which of the following best defines the word "autopsy?"

The automatic button found on a x-ray machine.

The examination performed by a mechanic on an automobile.

The examination of a corpse to find out the cause of death.

4.  We find out in Chapter 3 that lead is being deposited into the river from lead pipes in old houses and 

the Missotonic Mill

automobile exhaust

lead paint

5.  What does Rob use the dissecting instruments for?

To cut open Cock Robin.

To pour river water into them.

To cut his sandwich for lunch.

6.  Which of the following best defines the word "ecosystem?"

A community of animals and plants which no longer exists.

A community of animals and plants and the environment with which it is interrelated.

The history of ecology.

7.  In this chapter Tony takes a sample of water from the sewage-disposal plant and discovers what?

The mysterious chemical was not coming from the disposal plant.

The mysterious chemical was being produced at the disposal plant.

He knows where the mysterious chemical is coming from.

8.  Mayor Joe believes that the solution to the problem is which of the following?

higher taxes

a detergent filter on the disposal plant

a ban on using detergents in the city of Saddleboro

9.  What is the name given to the new baby bird, "Saddleboro's Clean Environment bird?"




10.  Tony and Rob believe the mystery chemical is "airborne."  Which of the following best defines this word.

An airtight compartment.

An airway.

Carried by or through the air.

11.  How does Tony find out that Saddle does have a voice?

He hears him sing at night.

He poked him with a stick.

He held him firmly and wouldn't let him go.

12.  What does Tony find in the dense hedge that was also woven into the nest of Mrs. Robin?

a bit of yellow cloth

a label from a bag




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