Twelve species of whales are endangered.  The gray whale has been saved from extinction only by 50 years of protection.  The one remaining species of sea cow is still being hunted in Indonesia.  In the Mediterranean Sea, the monk seal population is now less than 1,000.

  Gorillas and orangutans now exist only in very small numbers as well.  The population of chimpanzees is also becoming less and less.  Many small animal species are also threatened because people are using them as exotic pets.

  Many animals have become extinct because of human beings introducing animal predators (animals that prey on other animals).  One species of the giant Galapagos tortoise has not produced offspring for the past 50 years.  The reason for this is because the young are eaten by black rats which arrived on the Galapagos Islands when humans settled there.


Answer the questions below.


A predator is

  an animal that preys on another animal.

a hurricane.

a disease that kills many animals.


Many small animal species are being used as exotic .


The whale has been saved from extinction.


In the Mediterranean Sea, the monk population is less than 1,000. 


One species of sea cow is still hunted in .


Twelve species of are endangered.

Black were brought to the Galapagos Islands by humans .
Many animal extinctions have been caused by
extreme temperatures.

humans introducing animal predators.




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