6-1-1 Vocabulary

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Vocabulary 6-1-1

alga - a simple plant without roots, stems, or leaves (plural: algae)
debris - loose pieces of rock, soil, and other materials
ice worm - a tiny worm that lives in glacier ice
barren - without vegetation
deposits - something left lying
jumble - to mix in a confused mass
burrow - to move or enter by or as if by digging
contorted - twisted out of shape



We were able to view the tiny with a microscope.
An and an earthworm have some common characteristics. 
The left behind by the tornado was unbelievable.
A flea can itself down into the fur of the dog.
The books in my backpack were in a .
My sister her dirty clothes on the floor.
The rock covered land was and dry.
Her face showed she was in pain.



Which of the following would be considered barren land?

field, garden, or desert

If the contents of you desk are in a jumble, which word best describes this?

disorganized, organized, or stacked

Where would an ice worm be found?

Asia, Alaska, or Africa


Which of the following can be considered debris?

rocks, words, or water

Which of the following best describes alga?

flea, plant, or idea


Which of the following words best describes burrow?

cut, dig, or smile

A deposit in the bottom of a river might be?

sand, words, or clouds

If the tree was contorted during the dreadful storm, it was:

broken, growing, or twisted



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