4-17-1 Vocabulary

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Vocabulary 4-17-1

originated - started
sphere - a globe or ball shaped object
securely - firmly
remains - what is left after use
several - more than two but not many; few
pulped - ground-up and moistened



The shape of a basketball is a .
The fireman said the fire in the kitchen.
The boy said, " I didn't find one worm, I found ." 
The paper was and recycled into paper again.
My dad told me to tie the dog up .  
After cleaning the fish, I buried the in the garden.




She has several books by the same author.  Therefore she has:

seventeen, three, or one


The shape of a sphere is:

square, round, or oval

If something is pulped it is ground-up and

moistened, dried, or painted


The famous movie originated from a children's storybook.

finished, started, ended


The remains from the meal were fed to the hungry animals. 

leftovers, napkins, or tablecloths


Fasten it securely or it will get stolen!

loosely, firmly, or heavily



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