5-9-1 Vocabulary

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Vocabulary 5-9-1

ancient - of times long past
playwright - writer of plays
monumental - important
phrase - expression often used
merchant - person who buys and sells for profit; storekeeper
Renaissance - the great revival of art and learning in Europe during the 1300's, 1400's, and 1500's.  The period of time when this revival occurred.
countless - too many to count 



1. The sold many items in the store this week.
2. There are  numbers of stars in the sky.
3. The scientist made a discovery! 
4. The spinning wheel is an tool used to spin wool.
5. Shakespeare lived during the period.
6. The you spoke is familiar.
7. The is famous for her many plays.



8. Who was famous during the Renaissance period for their plays?

Shakespeare, Galileo, or Remus

9. Which of the following would be countless?

mountains, rivers, or stars

10. Which of the following would be considered ancient?

pencils, computers, or fossils


11. Where would a merchant work? 

castle, store, or kitchen

12. A phrase is a saying which is:

unheard, common, or poetry


13. Something monumental is something:

important, clumsy, or painted

14. A playwright writes which of the following?

song, plays, or stories



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