4-4 The Andes Mountains

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The Andes Mountains

  The Andes Mountains in South America are the longest mountain chain in the world.  The Andes stretch 4,500 miles from the southern tip of the continent to the Caribbean coast of Venezuela.  Their average height is 10,000 feet.  Mount Aconcagua, located in Argentina, is the highest mountain in the Western Hemisphere.  Mount Aconcagua is 22,834 feet high.  

  Geographers believe that young mountains are high and old mountains are low.  The Andes Mountains are about 20 million years old, but are still considered young.  They were created when plates (giant pieces of the earth's crust) pushed against each other.  The two plates, the continental plate on the east and the Pacific plate on the west, were forced toward each other.  The soft limestone and sandstone rocks were folded upward.  This formed a long, north-south wall.  Earthquakes and volcanoes also played a part in the formation of the Andes Mountains and still occur periodically today.  

  Some people consider the Andes Mountains to be the most valuable mountains in the world because of their mineral resources.  Gold, silver, platinum, copper, tin and iron are mined from the Andes.


Answer the questions below.


The Andes Mountains are located in America.


Giant pieces of the earth's crust are called .


The Andes are considered by some to be the most valuable mountain range in the world because of their resources.


The Andes Mountains are the longest mountain chain in the .


A is a scientist who studies the earth's surface, continents, climate, plants, animals, and resources. 


Earthquakes and helped form the Andes Mountains.


The Andes Mountains are million years old.

The average height of the Andes Mountains is  feet.
Gold, silver, platinum, copper, tin and are mined from the Andes. 
Do the Andes Mountains run in a north-south, or east-west direction?
Limestone and rocks were folded upward to form the mountain range.
Mount Aconcagua is the highest mountain in the Hemisphere.
Mount Aconcagua is located in .



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