4-12-1 Vocabulary

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Vocabulary 4-12-1

glider - airplane without a motor
determine - find out exactly
coasted - rode or slid without the use of effort or power
regularly - at regular times
monument - something set up to honor a person or an event
historic - famous or important in history



The child attended school , seldom missing a day.
We visited the house where George Washington lived.
He made a out of paper.
The doctor tried to the cause of her high temperature.
They are building a in honor of the famous person. 




Which of the following occurs regularly?

sunsets, rain, or rainbows

If something is historic is has to do with the:

present, past, or future

A glider does not have which of the following?

motor, wings, or tail


She wants to determine the answer to the division problem.  Determine means:

estimate, exact, or guess


The historic site was in Washington, D.C.  Historic means it had to do with:

history, weather, or lakes



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