619 Mrs. Frisby/Rats of NIMH (19-22)

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1.  What does Nichodemus reveal to the reader in the chapter "The Boniface Estate?"

He is very ill and about to die.

He plans to write a book.

He doesn't want Mr. Ages or Jonathan to come along with them.


2.  They escaped during which season of the year?





3.  What did the rats do during the winter while living at Boniface Estate?

They read books and practiced writing.

They went to the grocery store every night.

They helped the caretaker in the garden.

4.  Justin leads Mrs. Frisby to the large underground cave.  What is this room used for?

a laboratory

a workshop

a library

5. Justin tells Mrs. Frisby what "The Plan" is.  Which of the following is true?

"The Plan" is that the rats are going to take over the world.

"The Plan" is that the rats will take over the Fitzgibbon farm.

"The Plan" is that the rats will live without stealing.

6. How long did the rats live at the Boniface Estate?

eight months

eight weeks

eight days

7.  The rats discovered that they were about the most hated animals on earth.  How did they find this out?

They read it in the encyclopedias in the Boniface Estate library.

The wise old owl told them.

They heard it on the radio while living at the Boniface Estate.

8.  The rats found their cave under the Thorn Mountains National Forest.  What sad thing happened as they were searching for the right cave?

The discovered an old man lying in the woods.

Three of the rats died in a trap.

They were caught by the rangers and brought back to the laboratory.

9.  The rats decide that the Toy Tinker's truck belongs to his heirs.  What is a heir?

a lawyer

The head of the local government.

Someone who inherits or receives another's property upon death.

10.  What was the major disagreement between Nichodemus and Jenner?

Jenner believed it was alright to continue stealing, and didn't want to build a rat civilization that didn't depend upon man.

Nicodemus thought the rats should return the tools they found in the Toy Tinker's truck, and Jenner didn't.

Jenner wanted the mice to leave and Nichodemus didn't.

11.  Where were the rats planning on moving?

They were going back to live at the Boniface Estate.

They were moving to Thorn Valley.

They were moving to the city.



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