5-1-1 Vocabulary

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Vocabulary 5-1-1

sieve - a utensil with many small holes for straining liquids or small particles
rubble - rough, broken pieces of stone, brick, etc.
high-tech - complex, specialized technology
archeologist - a scientist who studies the remains of past civilizations
artifacts - objects from the past, usually made by people
evidence - something that makes another thing evident
determine - to find out exactly



1. Jim wants to be an , a scientist who studies the remains of past civilizations.
2. The children found from years ago, buried deep within the cave.
3. The men used a to separate the large and small stones.
in the form of fingerprints were gathered from the crime scene.
4. She used multiplication to the answer to the problem.
5. The doctor uses equipment in his office.
6. After the tornado, the house was nothing but bits of .



7. Which is an example of high-tech equipment?

scissors, computer, or dictionary

8. If you used a sieve to strain spaghetti, what would drain out?

water or spaghetti

9. Which could be an example of an artifact?

bone, bowl, or stone

10. The broken clock was nothing but rubble, means the clock was in:

shapes, two, or pieces 

11. To determine the length of the board, what do you have to do to it?

measure, cut, or nail

12. They knew his hand had been cut because they saw evidence of it.  What would the evidence be?

picture, blood, or glass

13. A clue an archeologist might find is a:

calculator, dictionary, or fossil



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