4-19-1 Vocabulary

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Vocabulary 4-19-1

vertical - straight up and down
cavity - a hollow place
fortunate - having good luck
remarkably - extraordinary
roosting - to settle down; as for the night
series - a number of similar things arranged in a row or coming one after another



The dentist will fix the in my tooth.
The artist painted a line down the center of the painting.
There were a of robberies which occurred over the past two days.
The new book was well done.
She was very to have traveled to many places in Spain.
The owl was in a large oak tree.



If you are fortunate, you have good

looks, taste, or luck

If the two dogs look remarkably alike, they look

similar or different

Which of the following is vertical?

left to right, or top to bottom


If the tree has a large cavity in it, what does it look like?

branch, nest, or hole


Which of the following is a series?

1 + 1 = 3 or a,b,c,d or John


If the birds were roosting on the branch, what were they doing?

resting, walking, or chirping



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