607 Who Really Killed Cock Robin? 5-6

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1.  As Chapter 5 begins Tony and Rob hear an American toad trill raucously.  Which of the following best defines the word "trill?"

a rapid vibration of the legs

a rapid vibration of the tongue

a loud whistle

2.  What effect does DDT have upon bird eggs?

It causes the eggs to have spots on the shells.

It makes the egg shells harder.

It makes the egg shells very thin.

3.  Tony explains to Mary Alice that Saddle has "imprinted" upon her.  What does "imprint" mean?

The first moving thing a newly hatched bird sees it thinks it is a parent.

Fingerprints are not to be left on a newly hatched bird.

A newly hatched bird leaves a print on everything it touches.

4.  Many "accusations" have been made thus far in the book as to who is creating the pollution problems in the town of Saddleboro.  Which of the following are synonyms of the word "accusations?"

deeds, laws, performances

charges, slurs, indictments

conclusions, outcomes, results

5.  Noxious chemicals are polluting the are because they are burning in the town dump.  Which of the following is the definition of the word "noxious?"

sweet smelling


harmful to health

6.  Which of the following events occur in this chapter?

Saddle becomes very ill.

Saddle has found new parents.

Saddle flies to Florida.

7.  What deformity does Saddle have?

He only has one leg.

His tail feathers are missing.

He is unable to sing.

8.  As Chapter 6 ends the reader learns that the soil in the hawk woods is saturated with 2,4,5-T.  Which of the following best defines the word "saturated?"

to make thoroughly soaked





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