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1.  Why had Jonathan Frisby not told his wife about his experience at Nimh?

He would stay young because of the injections, and Mrs. Frisby would grow older and older.

He was afraid she wouldn't have married him.

He didn't want her to find out he was smarter than she was.


2.  Mrs. Frisby pours the  powder into Dragon's dish, runs toward the cabinet, and ....

safely crawls through the hole in the kitchen wall.

is suddenly captured under a colander by Billy Fitzgibbon.

is swatted with a piece of newspaper by Mr. Fitzgibbon.

3.  What does the reader learn in the chapter entitled "Seven Dead Rats?"

That Mr. Fitzgibbon has killed seven rats in his tool shed.

That seven rats had been electrocuted at the local hardware store.

That seven rats had killed by Dragon.

4.  Why does Paul Fitzgibbon believe the Public Health Service is coming to investigate the deaths of the rats?

He thinks they know they are the rats that escaped from Nimh.

He thinks they believe the rats have rabies.

He thinks they want to put it in the newspaper.

5. What does Mrs. Frisby hear Paul say that alarms her?

He going to keep her as a pet forever.

He wants to exterminate the rats himself.

He knows rats live under the rosebush.

6. Who believes the men are looking for the escaped rats from Nimh, rather than for rats with rabies?

Mr. Fitzgibbon

Mrs. Frisby


7.  Who comes to help Mrs. Frisby escape from the bird cage?




8.  What news does Mrs. Frisby share with Justin?

She tells him that Timothy is feeling better.

She tells him she loves him.

She tells him that exterminators are coming to poison all of the rats.

9.  Who was blocking the door to Mrs. Frisby's cinder block home, and not allowing the rats to move it?

Dragon, the cat

Mrs. Frisby's children

the shrew

10.  What does Mrs. Frisby realize as she wakes up in the comfort of her warm and safe house?

She needs to warn the rats that they are in terrible danger.

She realizes she will be hunted down and put back in the birdcage.

She realizes Timothy has died during the move.

11.  Why does Nicodemus believe Mrs. Frisby has repaid the rats for moving her house?

She can save them from a disaster.

She invited them to live with her and her children.

She put the sleeping potion into Dragon's food.

12.  Who does Nicodemus realize the rats killed at the hardware store were?

Group B, from the laboratory

Jenner, and those who left with him

rats from the neighboring farm

13.  What were the headlines in the local newspaper?

"Mechanized Rats Invade Harware Store"

"Rabid Rats Invade Hardware Store"

"Motorized Rats Invade Hardware Store"

14.  Mrs. Frisby watched the masked men from the white truck put a flexible hose into the center of the rat hole.  What did she she them put over the escape hole?

a cage

a bag

another hose leading back into the truck

 15.  How many rats does the doctor leave the Fitzgibbon farm with?


ten live rats in the cage

two dead rats

16.  Who was with Brutus when Mrs. Frisby approached him?

Mr. Ages, with an antidote for the poison.

Nicodemus, with six other rats.

Paul Fitzgibbon

17.  Why did Mrs. Frisby think it was right to tell her children about the escape from Nimh and her own escape from the birdcage?

She thought it would be a good bedtime story.

They could possibly be very different from other mice because they were the children of Jonathan Frisby.

She didn't want them to find it out from somebody else.

18.  Who do the children believe could help Mrs. Frisby find the rats in Thorn Valley?

Mr. Ages

the shrew

Jeremy, the crow



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