5-16-1 Vocabulary

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Vocabulary 5-16-1

patent - a document granting the exclusive right to produce or sell an invention
revolutionary - to make a drastic change in
physics - the science dealing with the properties of changes, interactions, etc. of matter and energy 
incomprehensible - incapable of being understood
contribution - a contributing of something such as money
doctorate - the degree of doctor given by a university



1. The children collected money and gave it as a to the needy family. 
2. The man hoped to obtain a for his new invention. 
3. My dad is earning a at Purdue University. 
4. The book was so difficult to read it was .
5. Mr. Smith teaches in Room 302.  
6. The remodeling of the building caused a change in its appearance.




7. The children gave a contribution to the worthwhile cause.  Therefore they:

apologized, spoke, or contributed


8. The distance to the planet Pluto is incomprehensible.  Therefore it is difficult to the distance.

estimate, understand, or see

9. The inventor received a patent to sell her new invention.

dictionary, document, or phone call


10. I attended the ceremony when she received her doctorate.

report, grades, or degree


11. Her haircut was so revolutionary I didn't recognize her!  Therefore the change was 

drastic, minimal, or medium


12. Physics is in the field of

History, English, or Science



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