208 Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears

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1.  What did the mosquito see the farmer doing?

She saw him picking apples that were almost as big as he was.

She saw him digging yams that were almost as big as he was.

She saw him killing mosquitoes.

2.  Why did the iguana walk off grumpily?

He didn't like the mosquito.

He didn't think a mosquito compared to a yam was important.

He wanted to take a nap.

3.  Why did the big snake hide from the iguana?

He was afraid he would eat him.

Snakes are afraid of iguanas.

He thought he was angry and plotting some mischief against him.

4.  Where did the snake hide?

in a rabbit hole

under a bush

curled in a tree

5.  Why was the rabbit running for her life?

She wanted to find the iguana.

She saw the snake coming in her burrow.

She was running from a boy with a gun.

6.  Who was to spread the news of danger in the forest?

the iguana

the crow

the mosquito

7.  Who was climbing on a dead limb when it broke and killed an owlet?




8.  What is an owlet?

a mother owl

a father owl

a baby owl

9.  Who woke the sun each day?

Mother Owl

Father Owl

the mosquito

10.  Why was the night lasting so long?

The mosquito did not wake it because he was sad about the dead owl.

Mother Owl did not wake it because she was sad about her dead owl.

Father Owl did not wake it because she was sad about her dead owl.

11.  Who called a meeting of the animals?

King Lion


the big snake

12.  Who was sent to get Mother Owl?


the owls


13.  Why did iguana tell King Lion he put stick in his ears?

He liked to put sticks in his ears.

He said the snake told him to do it.

He said the mosquito had told him a lie and he wouldn't listen to it.

14.  Who did the animals decide should be punished?




15.  Was he ever caught and punished?



16.  The mosquito has a guilty conscience and to this very day what does it do?

It keeps flying away from people.

It whines in people's ears.

It bites people.



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