411 Dear Mr. Henshaw (pgs. 37-72)

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1. Leigh has trouble getting started writing his diary.  What does Mr. Henshaw suggest he do?

Pretend the diary is an assignment for school.

Pretend the diary is a book.

Pretend the diary is a letter to someone.

2.  Why doesn't Leigh tell his teacher that food is being stolen from his lunch?

He doesn't think it's a good idea for a new boy to be a snitch.

He's embarrassed.

He's afraid the kids will make fun of him. 

3. What did Leigh decide to write on his lunch bag?

a fictitious name

Mr. Fridley's name

his mom's name

4.  What does Mr. Fridley suggest Leigh put on his lunch bag to prevent food from being stolen?

a fictitious name

lots of tape to keep it shut

a burglar alarm

5.  What did Leigh notice about Mr. Henshaw's new book, Beggar Bears?

He noticed it wasn't funny like his other books.

He noticed it was written in Spanish.

He noticed it was much shorter than his other books.

6.  Leigh tells Mr. Henshaw that he doesn't want to be a nuisance to him.  What is the meaning of this word?

an annoying or troublesome person

a kind and gentle friend

pen pal

7.  How does Leigh describe Mr. Fridley?

old and kind

baggy and comfortable

a good friend

8.  Why does Leigh blame himself for his parent's divorce?

He was the reason his parents argued all of the time.

His mom quit riding in the truck with his dad to stay home when he was born.

He thinks his dad quit loving both he and his mom.

9.  Why does Leigh say he hates his father in the February 4th letter?

His dad hasn't called him.

His dad is not planning on visiting him.

His dad forgot his birthday.

10.  What does Leigh's dad suggest he do about food being stolen from his lunch?

He should tell his mother.

He should tell the principal.

He should find the kid and punch him in the nose.

11.  What does Leigh's father tell him about Bandit when he asks about him?

He was hit and killed by a car.

He ran away.

He gave him to another trucker.

12.  Why does Leigh hang up the phone on his father?

He hears another boy's voice in the background.

He started to cry and didn't want his dad to hear him.

He was mad that his dad had lost Bandit.



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