412 Dear Mr. Henshaw (pgs. 73 -102)

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1. What wasn't Leigh able to fool his mom about?

That he had lied to her.

That he had been crying.

That he doesn't have any friends.

2.  How did Leigh's mom respond when he asked her if she still loved his dad?

She said she didn't.

She said she never did.

She said, "Please don't ask me." 

3. What is the title of Leigh's first story that he's trying to write for Young Writers?

Ways to Catch a Lunchbag Thief

Losing Your Dog

My Dad is a Truck Driver

4.  Mr. Fridley says that Leigh scowls all of the time.  What is the meaning of the word "scowls"?

joking and laughing

having a frown

looks angry

5.  Where did Leigh go for a walk on the day he felt rotten?

He went to see the Butterfly Trees.

He went to the library.

He went to the zoo to look at the animals.

6.  What did Leigh's father tell him to do with the twenty dollar bill he sent him?

He should go buy a new dog.

He should put it in the bank.

He should go buy an ice cream cone.

7.  Where does Leigh buy a black lunch box?

at a thrift shop

at the mall

at the neighbor's garage sale

8.  Who was the first person Leigh showed his burglar alarm to?

Mr. Fridley

his teacher

his mom

9.  Who tells Leigh he would like an alarm like he has to put on his bedroom door?


the principal

Mr. Fridley

10.  Why does Leigh not consider himself medium after all?

He has a friend.

People were paying attention to him and the alarm he made.

His teacher is paying attention to him.



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