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Vocabulary 9-1-1

physical - having material existence
cultural - of or relating to culture
influence - to have an influence on: affect by influence
import - to bring goods into a country usually for selling
region - an area
industrial - of, relating to, or engaged in industry
tradition - the handing down of information, beliefs, or customs from one generation to another
investment - the outlay of money for income or profit
labor - the services performed by workers for wages
blend - to merge or harmonize



My mom and dad have made an in the stock market for me.
I will the two colors together to create a new color.
What of the United States do you live in?
It is a to serve turkey for Thanksgiving.
I will at the job for $10.00 an hour.
We will visit the park and tour several buildings.
That country will electronic equipment.
The boundary is formed by a river.
I'm trying to my parents to get a pet for our family.
The influence is evident in their clothing and hair styles.



Which of the following words best describes labor?

reading, working, or smiling

Which of the following words best describes region?

area, perimeter, or mile

A cook might blend which of the following ingredients with butter?

recipe, eggs, or teaspoon


A cultural song directly relates to a peoples' .

legend, culture, or instrument

Which of the following is a physical boundary?

river, equator, or latitude


A tradition is passed down from one to another.

book, generation, or culture

Which of the following is considered an investment?

sky, money, or bank

Which of the following would be found in an industrial section of a city?

library, factory, or church

If you have a positive influence upon a person, you are able to in a positive way.

affect, smile, or read



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