5-18-1 Vocabulary

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Vocabulary 5-18-1

maximum - the greatest quantity, number, etc. possible
generate - to produce
minimizing - reducing to a minimum
overcome - to master, rise above, etc.
sufficient - as much as is needed, enough; adequate
resistance - opposition of some force, thing



1. The engine will enough power to move the motorcycle.
2. I have a amount of money to go on a vacation.
3. I ordered the largest or amount of popcorn.
4. He packed very lightly the amount of clothing and supplies.
5. It took a lot of to not eat the large candy bar.
6. She had to many obstacles and learn to use a wheelchair.




7. They were minimizing the amount of items in the garage.  Therefore they were:

maintaining, reducing, or increasing


8. If the maximum is a dozen, what number is the maximum?

twelve, six, or thirteen

9. The intention of the fund raiser is to generate money.  Therefore the fund raiser will money.

spend, raise, or distribute


10. If the soldiers provided the necessary resistance so enemies could not cross enemy lines, they provided the necessary:

force, friends, or money


11. I have a sufficient amount of flour to make the cookies.  Therefore I have flour.

enough, little, or much


12. He was able to overcome his fear of water and went on a cruise.  Therefore he was able to the fear.

rise above, see above, or remain with



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