1.  Who is the main character in this story?

Lord High Chamberlain

Princess Lenore

the King

2.  Who was worried about Lenore's health and called for the King to see her?

Lord High Chamberlain

The Queen

the Royal Physician

3.  What did the Princess tell her father would make her feel well again?

the moon

some medicine

some candy

4.  What does Lord High Chamberlain look like?

He is a tall thin man with short black hair.

He looks just like the King.

He is a fat man who wears thick glasses.

5.  Why did Lord High Chamberlain say the moon is out of the question?

It is 35,000 miles away and it it bigger than the room the Princess is in.

He does not have enough men to get the moon back to the kingdom.

He doesn't know how to get it.

6.  Who did the King tell to get the moon for the Princess after Lord High Chamberlain would not?

Royal Wizard

the Queen

Royal Mathematician

7.  What reason did the Royal Wizard give for not getting the moon for the Princess?

It is make of beeswax.

It is 150,000 miles away, and it is made of green cheese, and it is twice as big as the palace.

He didn't have an invisibility cloak.

8.  Who did the King summon with a gong?

the Royal Mathematician

the Court Jester

Lord High Chamberlain

9.  Who said the moon is pasted on the sky, 300,000 miles away, flat like a coin, made of asbestos, and half the size of the kingdom?

the Royal Mathematician

Lord High Chamberlain

the Court Jester

10.  Who strummed on his lute before the King?

the Court Jester

Princess Lenore

the Royal Mathematician

11.  How big does the Princess believe the moon is?

It is half the size of the kingdom.

It is as big as her thumbnail.

It is the size of her bedroom.

12.  What does the Princess say the moon is made of?



green cheese

13.  Who made a tiny round golden moon and put it on a chain for the Princess?

the Royal Goldsmith

the Court Jester

the King

14.  Why did the King worry after his daughter was well again?

He knew his daughter was going to die.

He knew his daughter would see the moon in the sky and she would know she did not wear the moon around her neck.

He knew she would need another moon.

15.  What idea did Lord High Chamberlain have to solve the problem?

He said they would make dark glasses for the Princess so she will not be able to see anything.

He said they should paint the windows black.

He said they should cover the windows with curtains so the Princess cannot see outside.

16.  What idea did the Royal Mathematician have?

They will cover the gardens with black velvet curtains.

They will set off fireworks in the garden every night.

They will not try to hide the moon.

17.  What reason did the Princess give for there being another moon in the sky?

The Court Jester put another moon in the sky..

When one moon is gone, another takes its place.

Her father ordered that another moon appear in the sky.



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