106 Hey! Get Off Our Train

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1.  What is the boy playing with instead of going to bed?

his brothers

a train

a game

2.  The boy falls asleep and has a dream.  Who is riding the train with him?

his brothers

his mother

the pajama-case dog

3.  If it becomes foggy, what will they play?




4.  Who is on the train because someone is going to cut off his tusks?

an elephant

a hippopotamus

two elephants

5.  Who gets on the train after they go for a swim on a very hot day?

a brother

a seal

a crane

6.  Who fly the kites?

the boy, the pajama-case dog, the seal and the elephant

the boy and the pajama-case dog

the seal and the elephant

7.  Who comes on the train because they are cutting down the forests?

an elephant

a crane

a tiger

8.  When does the polar bear get on the train?

He gets on after they are in the rain with umbrellas.

He gets on after they are playing in the snow.

He gets on when no one is looking.

9.  Why do they all think the train might get stuck?

It is too muddy.

It might snow too much.

It is too rainy.

10.  Why do they decide to go back?

The boy has school in the morning.

They are afraid.

It is snowing very hard.

11.  What does mother ask the boy at the end of the story?

"Did you leave the door open?"

"Do all of the animals in the house have anything to do with you?"

"Are you ready for school?"



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