612 Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry (8-9)

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1.  Papa looked at the trees that stood like sentinels on the edge of the hollow. Which of the following best defines the word "sentinels?" 




2.  Cassie offers to carry Lillian Jean's books.  What is Cassie's real reason for being Lilllian Jean's servant?

Cassie feels bad about the way she treated Lillian Jean in Strawberry.

Cassie wants to get revenge on Lillian Jean for acting as if she is better than her.

Cassie hope they can become best friends.

3.  What evidence is given in Chapter 8 that leads the reader to believe that Cassie is a good student in school?

Cassie likes to read.

Her teacher said she received an A on an examination.

Cassie received her report card.

4.  Mama explains to Cassie why she was fired.  Which of the following explanations did Mama give her?

She was teaching things some people didn't want to hear.

She didn't like the principal.

She was failing too many students.

5. Which of the following statements did NOT occur in Chapter 8?

T. J. realizes that he and Stacey are no longer friends.

Mama gets her teaching job back.

T. J. admits he said something that got Miz Logan fired.

6. Which incident in Chapter 9 indicates that Mr. and Mrs. Logan value a good education for their children? 

Cassie knows how to measure to tablespoons of flour for the cornbread.

They do not allow Cassie to skip school to help plow the fields.

7.  Papa explains to Cassie that he must work on the railroad because mama has lost her job and the mortgage and taxes must be paid.  Which of the following defines the word "mortgage?"

The pledging of property to a creditor as security for the payment of a debt.

A container.

A piece of farm machinery used in harvesting cotton.

8.  Papa tells Cassie that they will never give up?  He explains that they will continue to do what they have to do.  What example does he use to help her understand what he is talking about?

Papa tells her a folktale that has been passed down through the generations.

Papa compares the Logans to a fig tree and other people as oak and walnut trees.

He draws her a picture of black people and white people.

9.  Who went along with Papa and Mr. Morrison to Vicksburg?




10.  What happened to Papa on the trip back from Vicksburg?

He was shot and killed by Mr. Wallace.

He was shot and his leg was injured when the wagon rolled over it.

He caught pneumonia.



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