604 The Indian in the Cupboard (13-16)

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1.  Mrs. Hunt was flummoxed by the situation.  Which of the following best defines the word flummoxed?

calm and collected



confused or perplexed

2.  Omri felt he and Patrick's friendship trembling on the edge of destruction.  Which of the following best describes this sentence?

Their friendship was getting stronger by the minute.

Their friendship was close to being destroyed.

Their friendship was in minor trouble.

3.  What reason did Omri give Patrick for not giving him back the cowboy and the Indian?

They are not safe with him because he uses them.

They were uncomfortable in his pocket.

His parents would be upset.

He was going to give them away.

4.  What promise was Little Bear going to hold Omri to?

Omri would get him a horse.

Omri would get him a new friend.

Omri would get him a wife.

Omri would never give him to Patrick again.

5.  The teacher said that Omri's drawing was not small, it was infinitesimal.  Which of the following definitions best defines infinitesimal?

as small as a cartoon drawing

smaller than normal

immeasurable or incalculably small: minute

6.  What trouble did Omri have with Mr. Yapp?

Mr. Yapp saw Omri tipped over a display in the store.

Mr. Yapp thought Omri was being rude.

Mr. Yapp said Omri did not give him enough money.

Mr. Yapp thought Omri stole from him.

7.  Who defended Omri against Mr. Yapp's threat?


his teacher

his mother

8.  Omri's brother Adiel had a sheepish look on his face.  Which of the following best defines the word sheepish?

embarrassed and apologetic

obnoxious and superior

exceptionally small

9.  When Omri discovers the key missing, he realizes he needs to clean up things systematically.  Which of the following best defines the word systematically?

done with the help of others

done over a period of days

done in a careless way

done in an orderly or organized way

10.  Why didn't Omri get the First World War soldier to help with Boone's injury?

Boone was going to die anyway.

The cupboard was missing.

The key was lost and the magic was gone.

11.  Why were Omri and Patrick afraid to go to sleep?

They wanted to watch TV.

They thought they could look for the key.

They thought Boone might die.

They were afraid of the dark.

12.  Little Bear was a tiny and vulnerable creature as he searched for the key under the floor.  Which of the following best defines the word vulnerable?

capable of being harmed or injured



capable of causing harm or injury

13.  The boys knew the omnivorous giant rat might eat Little Bear.  Which of the following best defines the word omnivorous?



plant and meat eating

14.  Why did they desperately need the key?

So they could put Boone back into the cupboard and make him plastic.

So they could make the plastic medical orderly come to life to save Boone.

So they could put Little Bear in the cupboard and punish him.

15.  How does Omri bring Boone and Little Bear back together again at the end of Chapter 15?

He tells Little Bear that he will give him to Patrick if he does not cooperate.

He tells Little Bear they must be friends or he will turn him back into plastic.

He tells Little Bear he must sing a cowboy song to Boone.

He tells Little Bear that he and Boone must become blood brothers.

16.  What serious decision must Omri make?

Whether or not to bring Little Bear's woman to life and be responsible for three little people.

Whether or not to tell him family about Little Bear and Boone.

If he should give Little Bear and Boone to Patrick.

17.  Patrick thought the beautiful Indian girl looked bewildered.  What definition below best defines the word bewildered?



frightened or scared

upset or angry

18.  Patrick put the Indian, the girl, and the horse on the shelf.  What "real" thing did he lay beside them?

the dead rat

the beaded belt

the key




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