6-4-1 Vocabulary

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Vocabulary 6-4-1

martial arts - Asian systems of self defense
devised - created
offshoot - anything that comes from a main source
novice - a beginner
jujitsu - a Japanese system of wrestling in which the strength and weight of an opponent are used against him
karate - a Japanese system of self-defense by sharp, quick blows with the hands and feet
kung fu - a Chinese system of self-defense, like karate but with circular movements
tactics - skillful methods



My brother understands all of the needed to study for a test.
He practices moves with sharp, quick blows using his hands and feet.
I am reading a book about the Asian systems of self defense called .
She noticed a new coming from the main part of the plant.
We a new and better method to solve the problem.
We're learning , the martial art which uses the strength and weight of the opponent.
I am in a beginning skating class, therefore I am a .
 Mom is taking a self-defense class called , which is like karate but with circular movements.



The martial arts are systems of defense founded by

Americans, Asians or Italians

An offshoot would come from which part of a plant?

flower, stem, or root

Jujitsu is a Japanese form of

skating, wrestling, or boxing


Which of the following words best defines the word devised?

destroyed, created, or rebuilt

What type of movements are used in kung fu?

circular, sharp, or skillful


If the author is a novice writer, she is a writer.

experienced, beginning, or intermediate

Karate is the Japanese system of self-defense characterized by sharp, quick blows with the hands and

legs, body, or feet

Which of the following words best describes tactics?

styles, methods, or pages



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