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The Gumdrop Castle

  Jim sat down to read a book he got from the library.  It was called The Gumdrop Castle.  The book was a fairy tale about a family who lived in a castle made entirely of gumdrops.  The castle sat high upon a grassy hill in the make-believe town of Candy Land.  The family members were Gummy the dad, Mummy the mom, Timmy the son, and Tammy the daughter.

  Chapter 1 began with an adventure in the backyard.  It was a very hot day and everyone in Candy Land was worried.  You see everyone in this make-believe town lived in castles made of candy.  There were castles made of peppermint candy canes, peanut brittle and even colored taffy.  All of the castles were in danger because of the hot sun.  They were afraid their castles would melt and fall apart.  The gumdrop castle was starting to get soft.  The red gumdrop roof started dripping down the sides of the blue gumdrop castle.  Gummy and Mummy were very worried.  They called their family and friends together to ask for their help.

  Jim was just beginning Chapter 2 when his mom called him for supper.


Answer the questions below.


Jim got the book The Gumdrop Castle at the .

The castle was made of different colored .
Timmy and were the son and daughter who lived in the castle.
Chapter 1 began in the of the Gumdrop Castle.
The castles were in danger because of the hot .
The roof of the Gumdrop Castle was made of gumdrops.
Candy Land was a make-believe .
Family and came together to help.
Jim was just beginning Chapter 2 when his mom called him for .



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