615 Mrs. Frisby/ Rats of NIMH (4-6)

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1.  As the chapter entitled "Mr. Fitzgibbon's Plow" begins, Mrs. Frisby wished Mr. Frisby was still alive?  What is the reason for this?

Mr. Frisby would watch the children while Mrs. Frisby brought Timothy to see Mr. Ages.

Mr. Frisby would take Timothy to see Mr. Ages.

Mr. Frisby would reassure the children that everything would be alright.


2.  While caring for Timothy indoors, Mrs. Frisby realized that when she went outdoors March had arrived.  Which of the following statements is said about the month of March?

March comes in like a lion.

March goes out like a lamb.

February showers bring March flowers.

3.  What is the nagging worry that is occupying Mrs. Frisby's thoughts?

Mrs. Frisby is worried about Moving Day.

She is worried about Timothy's health.

She is worried about the cat.

4.  What is the sign that the farmer's plow will be out?

The geese fly north.

The frost is out of the ground.

The leaves appear on the trees.

5. What character does Mrs. Frisby meet in this chapter?  The author describes the character as unpopular, having a large appetite and a short temper.

a shrew

a rat

a mole

6. Which of the following statements does Mrs. Frisby remember her husband saying?

All doors are hard to unlock until you have the key.

The early bird catches the worm.

A penny saved, is a penny earned.

7.  What is the frightening sound Mrs. Frisby hears at the end of  Chapter Four?

She hears Timothy coughing.

She hears the geese flying overhead.

She hears the sound of Mr. Fitzgibbon starting the tractor.

8.  The author introduces the reader to two new characters in the chapter "Five Days."  Who are these characters?

Paul and Billy, Mr. Fitzgibbon's sons.

Dragon, the cat.

Mr. Martin Henderson

9.  What creatures did Mrs. Frisby observe marching along with a piece of heavy black electric cable?




10.  This chapter is titled "Five Days" because

Spring will arrive in five days.

The ground will be dry enough to plow in five days.

There is only enough medicine left for five days.

11.  Mrs. Frisby notices the breeze carries the moist essence of spring?  Which of the following best defines the word "essence?"

the act

the distinctive qualities


12. The author Robert C. O'Brien characterizes Jeremy the crow as, "not very bright."  Which of the following actions by Jeremy confirms this statement to be true?

He didn't recognize Mrs. Frisby.

It took him thirty seconds to think as long as he could.

He's picking up foil with his beak.

13.  Who is Jeremy going to bring Mrs. Frisby to see in the forest?

a crow

an owl

Mr. Ages

14.  A bird or animal that hunts at night and sleeps during the day is






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