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Vocabulary 7-1-1

gravity - the pull on all bodies in the Earth's sphere toward the Earth's center
eventually - at some later time
spiral - winding or circling around a center and gradually getting closer to or farther away from it
galaxy - one of billions of systems of stars, gas, and dust that make up the universe
eclipse - the total or partial hiding of one heavenly body by another
pulses - electromagnetic waves or a sound waves lasting only a short length of time
helium - a light colorless nonflammable element
hydrogen - a chemical element that is the simplest and lightest of all chemical elements and is normally found alone as a colorless odorless highly flammable gas having two atoms per molecule



The force known as pulls all things on Earth toward its center.
is a light colorless nonflammable element.
A total of the moon will occur tonight.
The planet Earth is located in one in the entire universe.
Plans are being made for man to live on the planet Mars.
I drew a shape using a string attached to a pencil.
The chemical element is the simplest and lightest of all chemical elements.
The satellite was able to detect the electromagnetic and sound being transmitted.



A spiral winds around a

center, square, or chimney

Another name for electronic pulses and sound pulses are

circles, waves, or galaxies

Helium is a element.

flammable, nonflammable, or contagious


If the new book is to be released eventually, it will be released

soon, later, or never

Hydrogen is a chemical element that is the simplest and of all chemical elements.

heaviest, lightest, or weakest


Gravity is responsible for the pull of all bodies in the Earth's sphere toward the Earth's .

poles, equator, or center

An eclipse can occur with which of the following?

tree, sun, or rainbow

A galaxy is part of the

Earth, sun, or universe



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