410 Dear Mr. Henshaw (pgs. 20-36)

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1.  Why do Leigh and his mother live in a really little house that is sort of falling apart?

They live with his grandparents.

It is what they can afford.

They are saving their money for a trip.

2.  What is near the small house Leigh and his mother live in?

the ocean

the library

a river

3. Why doesn't Leigh have any pets?

His mom is allergic to them.

His dad took his dog Bandit when his parents got divorced.

He doesn't like animals.

4.  What do the kids in Leigh's new school pay attention to?

Leigh's lunch

Leigh's clothes

what books Leigh reads

5.  Leigh likes Mr. Fridley the custodian.  What is a custodian?

A person who takes care of the school.

It is another word for principal.

A person who is a school police officer.

6.  Leigh's father does not call him by his name.  What does he call him?




7.  What reason does Leigh give to Mr. Henshaw for being rude in the December 1st letter ?

His dad didn't send the support payment.

His dad didn't call him in a month.

His mother wouldn't get the TV fixed.

8.  Leigh realizes that he does like to write.  What does he plan to call the first book he writes?

Too Many Moves

A Divorced Kid

The Great Lunchbox Mystery

9.  Leigh has added the word halyard to his vocabulary.  What is the meaning of this word?

a swinging couch or bed usually made of netting or canvas

a rope or or tackle for raising and lowering a flag

a rope or strap for leading or tying an animal

10.  Leigh receives a postcard from Mr. Henshaw.  What suggestion does he give to Leigh?

He should find another author to write to.

He should write to his father.

He should keep a diary.



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