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Native Americans

  The Native Americans were the first inhabitants of our country.  Those living east of the Mississippi River were called the Woodland Indians.  They lived in a Woodland culture finding their food by fishing, hunting, and gathering fruits, nuts, and berries.  They made their homes of mud and thatch because those were the natural materials available to them.

  Later they began to plant and harvest crops of beans, squash, and pumpkins.  The most important and valued crop was corn or "maize."  This crop changed the lives of the Indian woman immensely.  The woman usually did all of the field work.  However the invention of rakes made from deer antlers, and wooden hoes made their work easier.  Men became warriors to protect the precious crops.  They also did the hunting, fishing and trapping.  They trapped fish in woven fences called weirs.

  Different groups of Indians lived in the East.  Some who were simply traveling through the forests hunting, set up temporary housing.  These were called wigwams.  Wigwams were tents made of bark or animal skins.  Others lived in permanent homes.  These were log-covered buildings called longhouses.  

  Some tribes built both summer and winter houses.  Those who lived in what is now Florida built summer homes of wooden frames with roofs and no walls.  When the weather turned colder they moved into houses with walls plastered in mud.  These houses warmed by a fire, would stay warm all night.


Answer the questions below.


The Native Americans were the first of our country.


The Woodland Indians lived in a Woodland .


Native American worked in the fields.


Another name for corn is .

The invention of , made from deer antlers made field work easier. 
A wigwam provided housing for those who traveled a lot. 
A weir is a woven fence used to trap .
A inside the house, kept the building warm through the night.
A warrior is someone who the precious crops.
Wigwams are made of or animal skins.



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