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John Philip Sousa

  John Phillip Sousa was born in 1854, in Washington D.C., before the Civil War.  He is one of America's most famous composers.  When you hear a band play during a parade on the Fourth of July, you can almost be certain the music was composed by Sousa.  Many of his pieces have a strong rhythm you can march to.  That is why they are called marches, and Sousa is often referred to as the March King.  When he was only thirteen he was a member of the United States Marine Corp Band.  Later he became its leader and made it one of the finest bands in the entire world.  

  John Phillip Sousa wrote many other kinds of music, but marches like "Stars and Stripes Forever" and "Semper Fidelis" are the music that made him renowned.  

  His music has become part of the tradition of our country, and he is famous throughout the world.  Sousa once said, " I consider myself a truly American composer."  

  The next time you hear a band on the Fourth of July, think of John Philip Sousa, the March King.


Answer the questions below


1. John Philip Sousa was born in the year .


2. At the age of he was a member of the United States Marine Corp Band.


3. Sousa once said, "I consider myself a truly composer."


4. Many of Sousa's pieces have a strong , making them easy to march to. 


5. John Philip Sousa was in Washington D.C.  


6. One of Sousa's marching songs is called 

"A Little Night Music"

"Stars and Stripes Forever"


7. Sousa was once the leader of the
United States Navy Marching Band

United States Marine Corps Band

8. John Philip Sousa is famous for what type of music?



9. John Philip Sousa was born
during the Civil War.

before the Civil War.

after the Civil War.



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