206 The Story of Ferdinand

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1.  Where does Ferdinand live?




2.  What does Ferdinand like to do?

run and jump

butt heads with other bulls

sit quietly and smell the flowers

3.  Where was Ferdinand's favorite spot?

in a pasture under a cork tree

in a pasture under an apple tree

in the barn

4.  Why did his mother worry about him?

She was afraid he might run away.

She was afraid he would get hurt.

She was afraid he would be lonesome.

5.  What did all of the bulls want to do when they grew up?

They wanted to be picked to be in a rodeo.

They wanted to be picked to fight at the bull fights in Madrid.

They wanted to be picked to live with the King in Madrid.

6.  Who came to select the biggest, fastest and roughest bull to fight?

five men

the farmer

the King

7.  What did Ferdinand know about the men?

He knew they would choose him.

He knew they would not choose him.

He knew they were afraid of him.

8.  What did Ferdinand sit on by mistake?

a bumblebee

a flower

an ant

9.  Why did the men pick Ferdinand to bring to Madrid?

They felt sorry for him.

He was crying.

He was puffing, snorting, butting and pawing.

10.  What will the Banderillos do with long, sharp pins with ribbons on them?

They stick them in the bull to make him mad.

They stick them in their hats.

They hit the bull with them.

11.  What will the Picadores use to stick in the bull to make him madder?

long, sharp pins with ribbons on them

long spears


12.  Who wears a red cape and carries a sword?

the Matador

the Picadores

the Banderillos

13.  Who came last in the parade?


the Matador

the King

14.  What did Ferdinand do when he got to the middle of the ring?

He sat down and smelled the flowers.

He ran away.

He ran toward the Matador.

15.  Why did the Matador cry?

He was afraid of Ferdinand.

He was hurt when Ferdinand hit him.

He was mad he couldn't show off his cape and sword.

16.  Why did Ferdinand leave Madrid and go back home?

He wouldn't fight and be fierce.

He was afraid of the Matador.

He missed his mother.

17.  Why is Ferdinand happy at the end of the book?

He's home with his mother.

He's smelling flowers under his favorite tree!

He didn't like the weather in Madrid.



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