507 Maniac Magee (11-15)

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1.  Who does Amanda believe tore the page from her book?

her little brother


Mars Bar

2.  The reader learns in Chapter 12 where Maniac has been spending his nights.  Which of the following locations is correct?

in a abandoned garage

in a cardboard box

the deer shed at the zoo

3.  What does Maniac finally have at the end of Chapter 12?

an address

a new pair of tennis shoes

a good friend

4.  Why did Maniac prefer to sleep on the floor rather than in a bed?

His back hurt.

He didn't like feeling too comfortable.

He didn't know how to sleep in a bed.

5.  What was the reason Hester and Lester began to take bathes again?

They started to smell badly.

They got a new bathtub.

Maniac took a bath with them.

6.  What did Maniac do that made Amanda feel guilty?

He did the dishes without anybody asking him to.

He scrubbed the floor for Mrs. Beale.

He washed the car.

7.  What does the Beale family discover Maniac is allergic to?

chocolate chip cookies


ice cream

8.  Why does Maniac want to be called Jeffrey inside the Beale house?

His name is the only thing he has from his mother and father.

He hates the name Maniac.

He thinks it is an easier name to say.

9.  The author uses the word unbeknownst in Chapter 15.  Which of the following best defines this word?

not in the same room

without one's knowledge

under a table



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