3-16 Listening to Dad

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Listening to Dad

  Jed wanted to play baseball in the backyard.  He told his dad about his plan and dad said, "Yes, but be very careful."

  Jed gathered his friends in the backyard.  They chose sides and began to play.  Jed's friend Emily batted first and hit a double.  She raced to second base.  Lee struck out.  The next batter hit a pop fly.

"Two outs!" Jed yelled.

"Come on Joey, get Emily home!" shouted Jed's teammates.

  Joey swung at two balls and hit the third.  The ball flew high into the air.  Emily raced around third base and headed for home.  But instead of a cheer, all that was heard was a loud crash!  The ball crashed through the garage window.

  Jed's dad came running out of the house shouting, "I told you to be careful!"

  Jed and his friends gathered up their belongings and headed to the park about a block away.


Answer the questions below.


The lesson to be learned from this story is:

Playing baseball is fun. 

Winning is most important.

Be careful when playing in the backyard. 

Play as a team.


Emily was on base.


Jed and his friends were playing baseball in Jed's .


struck out.


was the first person to bat on Jed's team.


The ball crashed through the .


Did Jed or Joey yell, "Two outs!"

If you hit a double do you run to first or second base?
Jed and his friends left the backyard to play baseball at the .



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