4-7-1 Vocabulary

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Vocabulary 4-7-1

circumference - the distance around
official - person in charge of a duty, the person who officiates
objective - something aimed at
goalkeeper - player who tries to prevent the ball from crossing the goal
spectator - person who looks on without taking part
shin - the front part of the leg from the knee to the ankle



The blew his whistle during the game.
The must keep the ball out of the goal.
I had a big cut on my .
Mom sits in the crowd and cheers.  She is a great !
Do you know the of a basketball?
My teacher said, "The is to get 100%."



The circumference of a golf ball is smaller than which of the following?

marble, pea, or baseball

The goalkeeper must keep the ball from crossing what?

goal, middle, or sideline

Dad put a bandage on my shin.  My shin is part of my:

arm, stomach, or leg


What would a spectator do during a baseball game?

pitch, watch, or bat

The objective of fishing is to do what?

boat, fish, or ski


What does an official do during a hockey game?

guard, officiate, or plays



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