505 Maniac Magee (1-6)

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1.  When did Jeffrey Magee run away from school and his Aunt and Uncle's house?

The night of the Christmas concert.

Christmas Eve

The night of the spring musical.

2.  How far did Jeffrey travel from Hollisburg to Two Mills?

two hundred miles

twenty miles

two miles

3.  Why did Jeffrey stop and talk to Amanda Beale?

He wanted to speak to her because she was black.

He saw her suitcase and figured she was running away like him.

He thought he might know her.

4.  Why did Amanda ask Jeffrey if he is from West End?

White people lived in West End.

She was giving him directions on how to find his way back home.

She was trying to be rude.

5.  Why did Amanda throw a book at Jeffrey?

She didn't want it anymore.

She tried to scare him and hoped he'd run away.

He asked her if he could borrow one so he could read it.

6.  Why was James "Hands Down" unable to catch the football thrown to him by Brian Denehy?

He had a cast on his arm.

He didn't see the football.

Jeffrey Magee had caught it.

7.  Why would old people stay away from a Saturday afternoon two dollar matinee?

They didn't want to spend two dollars.

They didn't want to be around children.

They didn't have two dollars to spend.

8.  What forbidden thing did Jeffrey do on the steps of 803 Oriole St?

He opened a book and began to read.

He ate his lunch.

He rode his bike up and down the steps.

9.   Why did Mrs. Pickwell refer to feeding her family as feeding a small nation? 

She is very unhappy about being married.

She didn't have any help.

There were ten Pickwell children, relatives and other people living with the Pickwells.

10.  What is odd about the way Jeffrey ran the railroad tracks?

He ran on the steel rail.

He kept tripping and falling.

He ran on the cinders.



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