509 Maniac Magee (22-32)

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1.  Where did Grayson find an injured and dirty Jeffrey Magee?

He found him outside the deer pen.

He found him in the band shell.

He found him outside the buffalo pen.

2.  Where did Grayson tell Maniac he had to go because he was a kid?

He had to go to school.

He had to go to church.

He had to go home to his parents.

3.  What information was Maniac sharing with Grayson that seemed to shock the old man?

That his parents were dead.

That black people don't have bathtubs.

That black people are regular people.

4.  Why was Maniac allowed to stay and work with Grayson at the zoo?

Grayson said he was his nephew who was visiting him for a while.

Grayson kept him hidden so no one knew he was around.

The zoo hired him to work with Grayson.

5.  In addition to working at the zoo what were Maniac and Grayson doing together?

playing baseball

going to church

going to the library

6.  What does Grayson tell Maniac at the beginning of Chapter 27?

That he must go to school.

That his parents died when he was young.

That he ran away when he was fifteen years old.

7.  What is Maniac teaching Grayson to do?

He's teaching him how to read.

He's teaching him to untie knots.

He's teaching him to write his name.

8.  What is the first holiday Maniac and Grayson share together?




9.  What does Maniac do with the black and brown paint at the end of Chapter 29?

He paints himself and Grayson.

He paints 101 on the outside of the door.

He paints the table.

10.  As Chapter 10 begins the reader learns that someone has moved to a new residence.  Who has moved?



11.  What Christmas gift does Maniac give Grayson?

A book titled The Man Who Struck Out Willie Mays by Maniac Magee.

a baseball glove

a new sweater

12.  What Christmas gift does Grayson give to Maniac?

a new baseball glove

his old baseball glove

a library card

13.  What woke Maniac on the morning of December 30th?

The silence in the apartment.

A shout outside of the door.

The sound of Grayson reading his new book.

14.  Who are the people waiting for at Grayson's funeral?

a minister


the Superintendent



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