510 Maniac Magee (33-46)

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1.  Why did Maniac finally quit crossing the bridge over the Schuylkill?

He was tired of it.

It was where his parents were killed.

The Beales lived on the other side of the bridge.

2.  What is Maniac waiting for as he spends time in the log-and-mortar cabins at Valley Forge?

He is waiting to die.

He is waiting for winter to end.

He is waiting for the Beales to come and get him.

3.  Maniac is invited to the McNab's house.  He realizes that what he thinks are raisins on the floor are really what?


chocolate chips

animal wastes

4.  How was Maniac able to get Russell and Piper McNab to go to school?

He walked them there.

He promised them a pizza.

He told them he would do their homework.

5.  What happened when Maniac knocked upon the door of Finsterwald's house?

He was sucked into a black hole.

He was finsterwallied on the spot.

The door opened.

6.  What was the most perilous challenge the McNabs gave Maniac?

They dared him to go into the East End.

They dared him to kiss a buffalo.

They dared him to walk through the rat-infested dump..

7.  The author refers to April's orphans in Chapter 38?  Who or what is he referring to?

The black kids who live in the East End.


Children like Maniac who have no homes.

8.  Who is going to race on Plum Street, a long and level block between Ash and Jackson Streets?

Maniac and Hands Down

Maniac and McNab

Maniac and Mars Bar

9.  How had Maniac beaten his opponent?

He ran backwards.

He cheated.

He didn't beat him.  He lost the race.

10.  The author says that Maniac is pure July on the inside.  What is the meaning of this phrase?

He has a bad fever.

He feels warm and sunny inside, just like the month of July.

His stomach is upset.

11.  What are the McNabs preparing for?

They believe the blacks will revolt and take over the city.

They believe a tornado is coming.

They think their home is going to be condemned by the city.

12.  Why did Maniac take the McNab boys to Dorsey's Grocery?

He bought them bubble gum.

He wanted them to apply for a job.

He made them return the bubble gums they had stolen.

13.  What occurred that forced Maniac to take on the role of No More Mr. Nice Guy with Russell and Piper McNab?

He found them playing with Grayson's glove.

He discovered them stealing again.

He caught them cheating.

14.  Who did Maniac bring to Russell and Piper's birthday party?

Mars Bar Thompson

Amanda Beale

Hester and Lester Beale

15.  What legendary feat did the Pickwell children beg Mars to do?

beat up Maniac

stop traffic

race with Maniac

16.  Who rescued Russell from the middle of the railroad trestle?

Mars Bar

Maniac Magee


17.  Maniac wakes up believing a buffalo is clamping its teeth on his ear.  Who is grabbing his ear?

Mars Bar

Amanda Beale


18.  What new name does Amanda give to Mars Bar?

Milky Way

Kit Kat


19.  Why was Maniac content to allow Amanda to do the talking and drag him to her house?

He was finally going home.

He had a headache and didn't want to argue with her.

He was sleepwalking.



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