Story Number One
Split Pea Soup

1.  What is Martha very fond of making all day long?

potato soup

tomato soup

split pea soup

2.  What does George hate more than anything else in the world?

split pea soup


his family

3.  What does Martha tell George when he tells her he didn't want to hurt her feelings?

She said friends should always tell each other the truth.

She said her feelings were hurt.

She said she didn't care.

4.  What did Martha offer to make since neither of them liked split pea soup?

a different kind of soup

a chocolate cake

chocolate chip cookies


Story Number Two
The Flying Machine

5.  Why does Martha think that George cannot fly?

She knows a hippopotamus cannot fly.

She thinks the basket might be too heavy.

She thinks the balloon is too little.

6.  George agrees with Martha.  What does he do next?

He blows air into the balloon.

He gets a bigger balloon.

He climbs out to make the basket lighter.

7.  Why is Martha not sad about the flying machine taking off into the sky?

She wants George on the ground with her.

She was afraid George might get hurt flying.

She wanted to go along with George.


Story Number Three
The Tub

8.  Who did George see when he peeked into the window?

He saw his mother taking a bath.

He saw Martha taking a bath.

He saw Martha giving the dog a bath.

9.  What did Martha do to show she was very angry with George?

She put the bathtub on his head.

She hit him with the bath brush.

She said, "You are not my friend."


Story Number Four
The Mirror

10.  What does Martha enjoy doing, even during the night?

She likes to look at herself in the mirror.

She likes to comb her hair while looking in the mirror.

She likes to brush her teeth while looking in the mirror.

11.  What does George do to the mirror?

He pastes a silly picture he has drawn to it.

He paints it black.

He breaks it.

12.  Why does Martha promise not to look in the mirror too much anymore?

She couldn't because the mirror was broken.

She was scared because she looked different.

She didn't want George to be angry.


The Last Story
The Tooth

13.  How did George break off his right front tooth?

He fell while skating to the store.

He broke it when he was brushing his teeth.

He fell while skating to Martha's house.

14.  With what did the dentist replace George's missing tooth?

He replaced it with a smaller tooth.

He replaced it with a lovely gold tooth.

He replaced it with a tooth just like his favorite one.

15.  What did Martha say when she saw George's new tooth?

She said he looked handsome and distinguished.

She said she didn't like his new tooth.

She said it was too shiny.



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