207 Make Way for Ducklings

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1.  Why did Mrs. Mallard not like the places Mr. Mallard found for them to live?

There was no water nearby.

There were foxes in the woods and turtles in the water.

There was no food.

2.  Where did Mr. and Mrs. Mallard stop because they were too tired to fly any further?

They stopped at a pond in Public Garden.

They stopped under a bridge.

They stopped at a river in Public Garden.

3.  What was the strange and enormous bird pushing as it passed the mallards while they were searching for food?

A log with turtles sitting on it.

A canoe full of people who threw peanuts to the mallards.

A swan boat full of people who threw peanuts to the mallards.

4.  What place did Mrs. Mallard tell Mr. Mallard would be a good place to build a nest?

She liked a place under the bridge.

She liked the river in Public Garden.

She liked the pond in Public Garden.

5.  What horrid thing rushed by the mallards and changed Mrs. Mallard's mind about where to build a nest?

a boy on a bike

a policeman on a horse

a fire truck

6.  What river looked the the right place to hatch ducklings?

Public Garden River

Boston River

Charles River

7.  Why would the ducks be unable to fly?

They were molting which means their feathers were dropping out.

They were very tired.

They were sick.

8.  Michael fed the mallards peanuts every day.  Who was Michael?

a old man

a little boy

a policeman

9.  Why was Mrs. Mallard not able to go visit Michael anymore?

She had laid eight eggs.

She broke her leg.

She was too scared.

10.  Who were the first ducks out of the eggs?

Lack, Mack, Pack, Quack

Mack, Nack, Quack, Pack

Jack, Kack, Lack, Mack

11.  Who decided to take a trip to see what the rest of the river was like?

Mrs. Mallard

Mr. Mallard

the eight ducklings

12.  What things with wheels did Mrs. Mallard teach the ducklings to keep a safe distance from?

bikes and scooters

cars and trucks

bikes and cars

13.  Who helped Mrs. Mallard and the ducklings cross the busy street?

a little boy on a bike

Mr. Mallard

Mike the Policeman

14.  What did Mike the Policeman ask for when he called headquarters?

He asked for a police car.

He asked for a big cage.

He asked for a gun.

15.  At what location did Mrs. Mallard and her ducklings arrive safely at?

Public Garden

the bridge

the police station

16.  Who was waiting for them when they arrived?

other ducks

Mike the Policeman

Mr. Mallard



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