4-5-1 Vocabulary

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Vocabulary 4-5-1

antibiotic - a bacteria killer
pneumonia - an infectious disease that causes inflammation of the lungs and often a high fever and a hard, dry cough
shallow - not deep
antiseptic - a medicine that stops infection
specimen - a sample
bacteria - very tiny and simple plants, so small that they can usually be seen only through a microscope



The scientist looked at the tiny, simple plants called , through a microscope.
Mom's very bad cold had turned into .
"Let me take a of your blood," the nurse said.
We went swimming in the end, not the deep end of the pool.
The doctor gave me an to kill the bacteria.
The cream helped the skin infection.



How much water would a shallow pool have in it?

little, lot, or none

The pneumonia caused me to:

scratch, cough, or speak

An antiseptic stops which of the following?

infection, injection, or inspection


A microscope helps you see that bacteria is tiny:

bugs, plants, or roots

An antibiotic is given to kill which of the following?

bacteria, plants, or animals


The small specimen of skin was removed to check for cancer.  A specimen is a small:

type, sample, or injection



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