1.  What word does Peter use to describe both the house and the neighborhood he and his family live in in Princeton?




2.  What is the new game Fudge is playing that is driving Peter crazy?

He plays Bert and Ernie.

He repeats everything he says.

He plays Monopoly.

3. What contest has Peter entered at Baskin-Robbins?

a name for a new ice-cream flavor

a coloring contest

a writing contest

4.  Why does Peter change his mind about going to school in Princeton?

He's met Alex Santos who will be in his class.

He met a girl who will be in his class.

He met his teacher.

5.  Peter thinks he remembers reading that worms regenerate when you cut them in half.  What does "regenerate' mean?

to form into a new group


to produce again; to renew a lost or damaged body part

6.  Mrs. Muldour says that the thirty-three worms are awfully small.  Why are they smaller than the worms Alex usually brings her?

Alex and Peter could only find small ones.

Alex and Peter had cut them in two.

They were small because it was early in the summer.

7.  What is the food Peter believes he would starve without?

peanut butter

ice cream


8.  How does Fudge solve his problem of his fear of monsters?

He has Turtle sleep with him at night.

He sleeps outside his mom and dad's bedroom.

He sneaks in bed and sleeps with Peter.

9.  For what reason was Peter called to the principal's office the first day of school?

The principal wanted to introduce himself personally to Peter.

His parents hadn't filled out all of the registration papers.

Fudge was having a problem.

10.  What does Fudge want to bring to school for Show and Tell?



his round blocks

11.  What did grandma say to change the subject of what kind of bird to get Fudge?

She said, "Who wants some home-baked cookies?"

She said, "Let's go to the mall."

She said, "I do not feel well."

12.  Why does Fudge no longer sleep outside of his parent's bedroom?

Uncle Feather needs him to sleep in his room with him.

He is older now.

His parents will not allow him to sleep there.

13.  What reason does Fudge give for needing lots of attention from his grandma?

He can't sleep at night.

He is the middle child.

He has no friends.

14.  Peter says to Fudge that saying things twice is contagious.  What is the meaning of the word "contagious?"

To sing out loud.

To run away from.

Picked up by one person after another.

15.  What does Peter notice in the window of the art gallery?

He sees a painting done by Jimmy's father.

He sees Jimmy's father working.

He sees a painting of Uncle Feather.

16.  What did Jimmy do to Peter when he called him?

He told him he gave away his rock.

He told him Sheila Tubman is his girlfriend.

He hung up on him.

17.  What does Peter decide to wear to go Trick-or-Treating?

Fudge's glasses disguise

a sheet

a pillowcase



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