5-3-1 Vocabulary

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Vocabulary 5-3-1

congregation - to gather into a crowd; assemble
seasonal - of or depending on the season
strait - a narrow waterway connecting two large bodies of water
ensure - to make sure
route - a road or course for traveling
kilometer - a unit of length, equal to 1,000 meters
migrate - to move to another region with the change in season



1. Feet is to miles as meter is to .
2. The police want to that the robber is in jail. 
3. Mittens are worn in the winter.  Mittens are clothing.
4. They took the longest to the mountains.
5. The ship was seen passing through the narrow .
6. The group or of ducks gathered on the pond.
7. Most birds to warmer, more pleasant weather.



8. Which of the following is a seasonal outdoor activity?

sledding, running, or walking

9. Where are you most likely to see a congregation of people?

closet, concert, or car

10. Which of the following migrate?

fish, geese, or bear


11. Which of the following means to ensure?

guarantee, cheat, or partnership

12. What would you see on a strait?

ship, bicycle, or truck

13. Which of the following units is used to measure long distances?

centimeter, foot, or kilometer



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